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Our Medical Team

The Medical Team at St Raphael’s is led by the Medical Director, Dr Marie Joseph.

(Left to Right):  Dr Ambreen Akhtar, Dr Marie Joseph[Medical Director], Dr Laura Cottingham & Dr Busi Da Silva

The primary purpose of the doctors is to ensure that patients , as far as possible, have their pain and other distressing symptoms managed whilst being able to enjoy a reasonable quality of life.

It is a common misconception, held by many people, that hospices are simply places to go and die. In reality, many of our patients come into the Hospice for control of symptoms such as severe pain but, once that has been brought under control, are able to go home again. For others, the Hospice is the best place for them to spend their final days, and we aim to provide care and surroundings that gives dignity and comfort to every patient.  The medical team also provides domiciliary [as well as clinic] patient assessments and support.

In addition, our doctors conduct a regular out-patient clinics at the Hospice at which patients can be seen without having to be admitted.