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Make your Will



Make, or update your Will this May!

Monday 8th May to Friday 19th May 2017

It is estimated that over two-thirds of the UK population have not made a will. Even if you have, it may have been written many years ago and you might find that your circumstances have now changed and you need to update it.

It is always best to ask a legal adviser to draft your will.  He or she will know the correct form of words and can avoid ambiguities and misunderstandings.  Your will should set out the arrangements for distributing your estate including the residue, after your debts and any specific or pecuniary gifts have been paid. You should appoint between one and four people as executors - this can include your Will writer/solicitor.

Local Solicitors are providing their expertise to write a standard will or change an existing will this May, in exchange for a donation to support the work of St Raphael’s Hospice.  This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Hospice, supporting local people in our community at the most difficult time in their lives.  Through the continued support of so many people St Raphael’s can remain at the heart of our community,  providing care to future generations of patients and help and support for their families.

Simply, choose a participating solicitor from the list and contact them directly to make an initial appointment.  They will help you throughout the process and the donation is given to the Solicitor (cheques made payable to ‘St Raphael’s Hospice’ or cash or credit card).

If your will is not “Standard” (ie, involves tax or other specialised legal advice) the Solicitor will tell you and agree a fee with you before going ahead. There is no obligation to include St Raphael’s Hospice in your will, but if you do choose to leave a gift to the hospice, it would be appreciated.

So don’t put it off….  MAKE OR UPDATE YOUR WILL THIS MAY!  FOR FULL DETAILS click: Solicitors Details