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How are patients referred to St Raphael’s?

Patients are referred by their GP or a Hospital Consultant , or an NHS Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) if there are symptoms or problems relating to their illness with which we can help.

What happens after referral to St Raphael’s?

An initial appointment for assessment is arranged with a Hospice Clinical Nurse Specialist (Community Palliative Care Team member) during which the patient – and their carers – will be able to discuss how best we can help.

Do patients only come to the hospice to die?

No. Firstly, the majority of our patients are never admitted to the Hospice at all and receive all of their care and support from us in the community or as out-patients.  Next, of those who are admitted, many are admitted for only a short period of time so that their symptoms may be relieved or a period of respite care provided. This will often enable patients to return home with follow-up support by one of our Specialist Home Care Nurses.

What does the Specialist Home Care Team do?

The Specialist Home Care Nurses work closely with the Hospice doctors to care for the patients in their own homes. Together with General Practitioners, Community Nurses and Social Services, they provide specialist care to enable patients to stay at home if they so wish.

What is Day Care?

Day Care provides the social benefits of a day out, access to physiotherapy, comforting therapies, welfare advice and emotional support whilst providing a break for carers at home. Our Day Care Service (Jubilee Centre) is open 3 days per week and can care for up to 15 patients a day.

Is there an Out-Patient Service?

Yes. We have Out-Patient Clinics for patients who are referred by their GP or Hospital Consultant for medical assessment and symptom control advice, for counselling or bereavement support and for welfare advice regarding social and financial issues.

What service can the Hospice provide local Hospitals?

We have close links with the hospitals in our areas providing specialist nurse and medical advice to in-patients and staff.

How does St Raphael’s support families and friends?

We offer short-term support and counselling to partners, family (including young children and teenagers) and close friends, offering them help in coming to terms with their grief. Advice and help are also available to deal with social and financial issues.

Do patients have to pay?

No. We make no charge for any of our services. The sole criterion for Hospice care is medical need.

Who pays for St Raphael’s?

Only 20% of our annual funding comes from the NHS. The other 80% each year relies on Fundraising, donations and legacies  (gifts in Wills) our weekly lottery and charity shops. Support  from our local community is vital. This comes from individuals, local businesses, trusts, schools, churches and other organisations.

Is St Raphael’s a religious foundation?

St Raphael’s is one of the charitable works of the Daughters of the Cross, a religious order and registered charity. Like all Hospices, we accept people of all and no faiths, ensuring that we respect the wishes and needs of our patients, families and friends at all times.