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Quality and Standards


The staff and volunteers of St Raphael's Hospice are committed to sound policies and practices that support its effective operation. 

The Hospice consistently plans to meet the requirements of its patients, their relatives, its volunteers and staff.  Through a well-trained, effective and motivated workforce, the Hospice aims to move forward within a culture of continuous improvement and within an environment that maintains the principles underpinning corporate, clinical and information governance. 

Critical to achieving quality performance is leadership. This is required at all levels in the Hospice in ensuring the Hospice's management systems are developed and implemented.

Delivery of a quality service is dependent on those responsible for that delivery and the environment in which it is provided. The people employed at St Raphael's and the volunteers that undertake so many crucial roles are its greatest asset.


The contact for further information is our Quality Development Manager, Mr Alex Rudkin Tel : 020 8099 7777 ext 4128