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Dementia Seminar

DEMENTIA SEMINAR "Providing Person Centred Dementia Care"

St Raphael's Hospice has successfully been running dementia seminars since January 2015.

They are facilitated by Alise Kirtley:

Alise Kirtley is an independent consultant working in a variety of projects relating to older adult and dementia care. She is one of the UK’s leading lights in innovation in older person care. Alise focuses on culture change and practice development programmes with care homes, and technology development to encourage reflective practice, creative thinking and the sharing of best practice for carers of people living with dementia, at City University London.

The seminar covers the following:

  • The context: why Patient-Centred Care?
  • Transforming Culture of Care
  • Models in use today
  • Dementia and The Brain
  • The impact of physical health
  • Importance of biography and personality
  • Stepping into another’s world – communication is key
  • Putting it all together

Next seminar: to be confirmed