Our Hospice Neighbour service is available to anyone under the care of the Hospice who would like company and/or some basic help with small, practical things.

We appreciate that when you have a life limiting illness it can be difficult to stay on top of everyday things. It can be distressing not being able to care for your pets or seeing your garden becoming overgrown. It is not always possible to ask family or friends to help; in today's world, family may not be nearby and it can feel very lonely.

Hospice Neighbours are local volunteers trained and supported by St Raphael’s. They are able to visit you at home on a regular basis to provide friendship, a chat or to undertake those small, everyday tasks that can make life easier.

Our Hospice Neighbours will continue to visit you at home for as long as you are under our care. You can choose to stop the service whenever you want. Hospice Neighbour visits are flexible and range from 1 hour to 4 hours dependent on what is requested or agreed.

If you would like one of our Hospice Neighbours to visit you, please contact us using the button below.

Contact our Clinical Enquiries Team