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Hey I’m Izzy of Spark Social Media and I am going into the jungle to fundraise for St Raphael’s Hospice.

What are your biggest fears?

My biggest fear going into the jungle is creepy crawlies; they can be dead but I’m scared of live wriggly things – really don’t like that!

Do you have a game plan?

I really want to be Queen of the Jungle (Princess of the Jungle I can take) and my game plan is just go in, do anything, eat anything. I’m just in the game with the mindset to be Queen.

Why St Raphs?

I really love the work that everyone is doing here at St Raph’s. There are so many networking events going round but what they’ve put together here is really cool, really interesting and I think it’s going to completely take me out of my comfort zone. I can’t wait!

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