“The nurses are my companions on this journey.”


"Living with a terminal illness is uncertain and challenging. As my illness gets worse, the road I travel gets narrower, but the Hospice nurses open doors for me so that the road gets wider again.

They provide so much relief. They are always on hand to help as my pain and other symptoms change. When I needed a hospital bed at home, they helped make it happen quickly for me.

Death is part of life, but St Raphael's nurses have helped prepare me for the future and have given me a voice so that I have control over my life. I feared losing my quality of life but the support I received has meant this hasn't happened. The nurses are my companions on this journey." 


By sponsoring a St Raphael’s nurse today, you will help make sure that more people live the fullest life they can, until the end. Even a small monthly gift today will help us to make a positive impact for people in your local community for months or years to come.

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