Therapy Dogs at St Raphael's 

At St Raphael’s, we love both people and pets, and value the importance of family and companionship for each person in our care. We understand that the therapeutic role that animals can have on our overall mental and emotional wellbeing is immense. For this reason, we have our very own Pets as Therapy ("PAT") dogs who visit our patients, providing them with support, soft cuddles and happy distractions.

Maisie, our Hospice PAT dog

Hi Humans, I’m Maisie, a very cute black-haired mini poodle! I’m 6 years old and a qualified "PAT" dog! I have been one of St Raphael’s main Therapy Dogs for 5 years.

St Ruuuuuffff’s recently presented me with a Volunteer Award for Long Service and my mummy Lucy (Clinical Administrator at St Raphael’s) was very proud! People find comfort in my cuddles and when they stroke my soft hair. I also don’t malt, which they love!

I love visiting the patients at the Hospice and also spending quality time with the wonderful children with special educational needs at St Cecilia’s School – sharing my cuddles wherever I go.

To my fellow pooches that would like to be a “PAT” dog: there’s a list of requirements to make sure you’re the puppy for the post! Just a few things include having a calm temperament, walking on a relaxed lead, love being patted or having your paws, ears or tail handled. And one that some of my furry friends can struggle with: you will need to be able to accept food treats gently, so no snatching!

Us pets bring lots of comfort to those in need and my job at the Hospice keeps my tail wagging. There’s plenty of love to go around and I love being a part of that. 


Meet Maisie at Woof Fest on Saturday, 17 September 2022 ! Grab your tickets now for your local Dog Festival!

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