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Sunflower Memories Appeal, Service and Walk 18

Saturday 5th May 2018
Walk starts at 11.00am, Service starts at 2.30pm

Sunflower Appeal:

The Sunflower Memories Appeal is now in it’s 9th year and has raised over £300,000 for the hospice so far.

The appeal allows supporters of the hospice and members of the local community to dedicate a sunflower in memory of a family member or a loved one, which is then planted in our sunflower garden for the month of May. We then have a service on the 5th of May at 2.30pm to bless all the sunflowers.

Sunflowers in rows

This year we will be a having a 5mile (approx) family walk starting at 11.00am followed by the Sunflower Memories Service at 2.30pm.


There is no parking available on site for the Sunflower Walk or Sunflower Service, but permits can be requested for those with disabled blue badges. To request a permit for the walk or service please contact the Events Organiser, Sarah on 020 8254 2467.

Sunflower Walk:

This year as part of the Sunflower Appeal we will be having a Sunflower Memories Walk, which will be a 5mile (approx) family walk starting and finishing at the St Bede’s Conference Centre (at the rear of the Hospice) with the Sunflower Memories Service being held at the front of the Hospice around the sunflower garden.

The Walk will start at 11.00am with registration from 9.30am in St Bede’s.

Registration for the 5 mile family walk is £15.00 for adults and £10.00 for children (aged 5-16 years) Under 5’s enter for free. For the months of January and February, registration for the walk is half price. Registration for the walk closes Friday 4th May at 12noon. You will be able to register on the day but the fee will be £20.00 for adults and £15.00 for children (aged 5-16 years) Under 5’s will still register for free.

During registration you will be asked if you would like for your registration pack to be posted or emailed to you or if you would like to collect it from the Fundraising office. If you would like to collect your registration pack and tick that box during registration, you will be emailed to say when your pack will be ready to collect, and the address of the Fundraising Office, just up the road from the Hospice.

To register please complete our online registration form.

Sunflower Service:

The Sunflower Service will be held in the Sunflower garden at the front of the Hospice close to the Hospice’s main entrance. The service is free to attend, and refreshments will be served in St Bede’s Conference Centre (at the rear of St Raphael’s Hospice) from 1.00pm, for those attending the service and walkers returning from the Sunflower Memories Walk. The service will begin at 2.30pm.

To dedicate a sunflower online please complete our Sunflower form.

If you have any queries or questions about our Sunflower Memories Appeal, Service or Walk, or would like to dedicate a sunflower or register for the walk please contact Sarah ward by filling in the form below or calling 020 8254 2467.

Sunflower Walk and Service 2015

Thank you so much for your support.


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