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I’m Nick Stevens, I’m the Joint CEO at St Raphael’s Hospice and I’m going into the jungle to raise money for this amazing charity and support everything that we do here.

What is your biggest fear?

I’m not good with meat, so I’m a bit worried about that! I’m also really unhappy around worms so I’m not looking forward to that possibility… but it’s going to be a really great experience so overall I will try to overcome those things.

Do you have a game plan?

I don’t have a game plan, I’ve never seen I’m a Celebrity, so I don’t know the drill… I probably need to get a game plan!

Why did you say yes?

It’s amazing work that’s done here so I really want to be able to make a contribution. I do like a challenge, so there’s something perverse about wanting to do this even though I know there will be times I don’t enjoy it at all. But overall just to get involved in this great idea that the team have put together, and meet some people who love the Hospice and are supporting it and do my bit to raise some money.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about sponsoring one of the Directors?

St Raphael’s gets some support from the NHS, about a quarter of what it costs to run the Hospice, but we need to raise £4.5 million a year so every pound that is raised is going to make a difference to an amazing service which impacts everybody in Merton and Sutton and far beyond; we look after patients, their families, their friends and their neighbours in different ways. So do support this hospice and sponsor your Director!

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