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Hi I’m Sarah, I’m one of the directors from the Rygroup and I’m going into the jungle to raise money for St Raphael’s Hospice.

What is your biggest fear?

I have loads of fears, in fact the whole thing is a fear! I’m scared of snakes, there better not be any snakes there, I’ve got a terrible gag reflex, which also is not going to be great. The only thing I’m not too bad with is water, obviously heights but I’m hoping with this version we’re not going to be dropped from any helicopters or anything (but you never know)!

Do you have a game plan?

My game plan is to hold my nose because I feel like I’m going to need to. And to also pretend to my other campmates that I’m not that scared so they don’t put me forward for more of the trials than I need to do, if that’s how it works.

Why St Raphs?

I said yes to going into the jungle because St Raphael’s is an amazing local charity. Personally it’s affected me and my family, and they’ve been absolutely amazing. About 15 years ago, they looked after my Grandad when he had a terminal illness and currently, which is also really poignant, looking after my nan who is terminally ill as well. They’re just so fantastic, local and I know that St Raphael’s always do everything to a really high standard, even the charity shop in Cheam is leagues above other charities. I really wanted to show my support.

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