Every penny you raise at your Street Party will allow our teams to keep on sparkling, by putting the exceptional touches into every day, and ensure we can continue to provide the best specialist care, support, dignity and comfort to those who need us in Merton and Sutton, when it is needed the most.

There are so many ways to fundraise with your friends, neighbours and loved ones at your party. We’ve listed a few ideas below to get the ball rolling:

  • We have collection cans and buckets you can borrow to have on your table/driveway to collect donations.
  • Organise a raffle! You could always approach local businesses for prizes. We can supply you with an authorisation letter so people know you are officially fundraising for St Raphael’s Hospice.
  • Why not hold a 'Guess Weight of Cake' or 'Number of Sweets in Jar' competition? A classic game and usually a hit with adults and kids alike!
  • Host a cake sale. If you or someone you know are a baking whizz, why not show off those culinary skills!
  • Show off your green fingers and hold a plant sale or sell your own home-grown veg.
  • Organise an 'Auction of Promises' – ask people to put forward a promise - whether that be to clean the winners car or do the robot in fancy dress – and auction off to the highest bidder!
  • Hold a 'Best Dressed in Purple' competition. We’d love for everyone at your event to wear something purple, but why not take it up a notch and make it a competition. Charge a small fee to enter, ask fellow guests to vote for their favourite and the winner gets a prize and the title of Best Dressed in Purple!
  • Set up an online page – It’s a good idea to set up an online page with all the information about your event, where people can choose to donate to your fundraising. Send it to everyone you can, even if they can’t make the event on the day, you’d be surprised how many people would still like to support you in some way. We suggest heading to justgiving.com to do this.
  • Organise a sweepstake for your favourite show or sporting event
  • We can produce a personalised QR code for cashless donations at your event, please ask us and we can put one together for you!