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Light up a Life Appeal

This is the major annual appeal of the year, raising in excess of £100,000 a year for the hospice.

Supporters are invited to make a donation in memory of a loved one, or a friend, who will be remembered through the lights that shine on the hospice Christmas tree from early December through Christmas and the New Year.

Each year we hold a “Light up a Life” Carol service in the grounds of the hospice on the first Sunday of December at 4.30pm when the Hospice Christmas Tree lights are turned on. We regularly have some 2,500 people at this Service, which is the largest single event of the year.

These services hold a very special significance for many people, who are remembering family members and loved ones from years gone by, as well as the relatives of patients who have been cared for by the hospice during this year.

A special commemorative brochure is produced, which is also the "order of service" for the service. The brochure contains the name of every individual who is being remembered through the Light up a Life Appeal that year. It's is worth noting that in order to produce that brochure, we ask for donations to be received by the beginning of November, to allow time for printing, which is why the appeal is mailed to supporters at the start of September each year.

For more information on this years event please log onto http://www.lual18.eventbrite.co.uk/