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Commercial Offers

A number of local businesses operate schemes which benefit St Raphael’s Hospice. All will vary slightly, but in essence if you use that business for buy the goods or services offered, they will make a contribution to St Raphael’s Hospice.

The amount of the contribution is agreed and defined between the hospice and each company individually, and that is set out and clear. The Hospice has what is called a “Commercial Participators Agreement” with each business that does this, as required by The Charity Act 2006.

Please use the businesses listed here. We are grateful for their support.

If you are a business that would like to support the hospice through a Commercial Agreement, please contact our fundraising department:

Andrew Scott Robertson

Andrew Scott Robertson logoAndrew Scott Robertson have kindly offered to donate 10% of their commission on the sale of your home to St Raphael’s Hospice. Please mention the Hospice at the time of setting up the contract.




SJC Motors

SJC Motors


Purdy’s of Cheam Removals

If you are moving home, contact Purdy’s of Cheam for a quote.

PURDY’S OF CHEAM1 Glyn Road, Worcester Park, Surrey, KT4 8SD
Tel: 020 8616 0086

  • Fully Insured Local & National
  • Free Quotes & Packing Material
  • Specialise 1-5 Bedroom, Pianos
  • Storage & Packing Service
  • 5% of turnover to St Raphael’s Hospice
  • Professional & Competitive

When Purdy’s have given you a quote, and you accept it for your removal, they will ask for two cheques. One to the firm for 95% of the cost. The other payable to St Raphael’s Hospice for 5% of the cost as a donation to the hospice, and will also ask you to “Gift Aid” that donation, which adds an extra 25% to it at no extra cost to you (if you pay UK income Tax or Capital Gains Tax).

We thank Graham Purdy, who has been supporting St Raphael’s Hospice for some years and in this way has raised over £10,700 plus the value of Gift Aid, so a total in the region of £12,000!


Solicitors for Will Writing

We operate an annual “Make your Will Fortnight” in May of each year. Visit www.makeyourwill.org.uk for full details.

But outside of this time, there are 12 local solicitors who have agreed to donate 10% of their normal fee to St Raphael's Hospice if you ask them to draw up your Will. Please ensure you mention St Raphael's Hospice when you call, and say you wish them to make your will under the "All year round 10% scheme".

For a list of the solicitors, please click here.