Faith Groups

St Raphael’s Hospice is very appreciative of the generous support we receive from the local faith community. There are many ways that your group can show your support including adopting us as your charity for a particular month or year, holding a collection after a service, having a stall selling some of our Christmas cards or other merchandise—there are plenty of ideas!

Many faith groups also have smaller groups such as social clubs or home groups attached to them and these are ideal places to fundraise for the hospice. Why not get together as a group and organise an event such as a coffee morning or Quiz Night?

We would love to come along to one of your services or any of your groups and tell you more about the work of St Raphael’s Hospice and how your support makes a difference. If you would like to arrange this, or to talk more about how your faith group can be involved with fundraising for the hospice, please fill in the form or call 020 8254 2465.

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