Fundraising in schools is great fun and we've got lots of ideas for you to get involved with. We can also support you by coming to your school and leading an assembly or taking a PSHE lesson about our work. We also have some school activity sheets that we would be happy to email to you.

Go Orange!

We are inviting schools to celebrate the building of our Orangery whilst raising funds for the hospice. Using orange as a theme, children could wear orange clothes or accessories, have an orange raffle, arrange a jaffa cake eating contest or have a sponsored bounce on space hoppers. If that doesn’t appeal then what about decorating cup cakes with orange icing, having a go at orange-bobbing or organising a fashion show using orange carrier bags? It doesn’t matter how you choose to Go Orange! So just let your imagination run wild.

If being part of Go Orange! isn’t for you then feel free to organise your own community fundraising project. This might be a mufti day, selling our Christmas or Easter toys, holding a sponsored event, or getting your Headteacher to skydive! One of the highlights in the run up to Christmas is our schools carol singing day in a local shopping centre so do contact us if you’d like to be involved.

If you would like to talk more about how your school can be involved please get in touch with our team by filling in the form or calling 020 8254 2465.

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