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Employee Involvement

Staff fundraising is a great way to get colleagues working together and can improve relationships in the workplace. Set staff a fundraising target for the year and get creative with ideas so you can hit that target! Form a Charity Committee to lead on maximising that fundraising.

Some ideas are:

  1. Wear it Yellow – Special day in April where all staff pay £2 to come in completely dressed in yellow. Can combine with yellow themed raffle, cake sale etc. Prizes for the best yellow outfit?
  2. Pub quiz – split your staff, suppliers and clients into teams and get together in the pub to see who has the most brains. Each team pays to enter and boost funds through a raffle on the night.
  3. Pennies from Heaven – Staff donate the pennies in their pay-packet each month.
  4. Add a £1 – asking clients to add an extra £1 to their bill so that it can be donated to the charity.
  5. Events – i.e. Adidas Women’s 5k, get your female staff fit by training to run the 5k in September and get sponsored for it. Get your male staff fit by taking part in our Santa run in December.
  6. Recycle your phones – Save the planet and contribute to charity. Cardboard bins can be provided for your staff to post their unwanted mobiles and ink cartridges and a donation will be made to St Raphael’s. Easy!
  7. Auction of Promises – Use your staff’s secret skills to raise money for St Raphael’s. Use your cooking skills to cater for a colleagues dinner party or just you scrubbing muscles to wash someone’s car. Hold the auction in the pub and have fun.
  8. Baby photo competition – Everyone brings in a baby photo and you create a wall. Staff have to pay £2 to enter to guess who’s who. Prizes to the winners.

If you need any help or fundraising materials, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.