Meet Mrs Annie Bacon - our lucky £4,400 roll-over winner. Annie is one of our 6,000 lottery members and plays 2 numbers every week.

Annie is an Irish-born, local community member who came to the UK at the age of 5. She worked as a receptionist in the NHS and spent 20 years in the printing and publishing sector.

Annie signed up to St Raphael’s Lottery through one of our canvassers in 2013, soon after her husband, Francis, passed away at the age of 61. He was cared for by St Raphael’s in his final days. During the 2-week period spent in our In-Patient unit, Annie and her husband found the Hospice staff attentive, accommodating and gentle and thought that both she and Francis were very well looked after.

The couple enjoyed 32 beautiful years of marriage, producing three marvellous daughters. Currently semi-retired, Annie has the time to look after a bunch of 8 fantastic grandchildren.

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