We strive to improve the lives of those affected by terminal or life-limiting illnesses, giving them and their carers the confidence to cope and enjoy the best quality of life possible. We care for patients wherever and whenever they need us. When life comes full circle, we are there for our community, enabling them to live their life to the full. We believe that hospice care is about life and living, not just death and dying.

Our exceptional hospice care is based on individual needs and the wishes of our patients and those closest to them. Everyone’s needs are different and we want our care to be meaningful to each and every one we look after at the end of their lives. A hospice is not just a building and definitely not the final stop. It’s all those precious moments one’s able to share with your loved ones in a caring and friendly environment of their choice.

For over 30 years we have been providing expert hospice care for people in Merton and Sutton at no charge, aged 18 and over irrespective of their race or religion. We offer care provided in people’s home, outpatient clinics and day therapy at the Wellbeing Centre. With the help of our skilled staff and dedicated volunteers, we are able to meet the emotional, spiritual and social needs of our patients, as well as those of their family and friends before and after death. We are there for everyone who needs us at the most difficult time of their lives - to hold one’s hand and to soothe the soul, not just for the relief of pain.

The Hospice needs £6 million a year to run, relying heavily on public donations, legacies and fundraising to keep going. Thanks to the generosity of the public, we are able to make an enormous difference to the lives of 1,000 terminally-ill patients every year. We are not state-funded, even though every one of our patients is a NHS patient. We only receive about 24% of our costs from the NHS and the remainder, more than £4 Million per year, we need to raise ourselves.

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