Volunteers are placed at the very heart of St Raphael’s, who contribute their time, skillset and generosity to the Hospice and the support of the community we share. We would like to shine a spotlight on our Bereavement Support Volunteers – who offer comfort and care through their calls with the bereaved in our community.

This small but mighty team consists of four exceptional individuals who play a vital role in our support referrals and form an integral part of our bereavement support service.

The specialised team of volunteers individually contact bereaved families three months after the death of their loved one. Through these calls, they provide a personal and comforting space to reconnect after their loss. They also extend the opportunity to explore the various free support services available via the Hospice, should they wish to access them. Our volunteers are skilled to assess any unnoticed concerns and discuss particular services that may be of benefit.

“It is so comforting and supportive to know that the Hospice continues to reach out in a caring and loving way following our loss. This makes us feel less alone.”

The service and standard of work delivered from our Bereavement Support Volunteers has become an indispensable mechanism for support referrals. Collectively, the team make around 16 calls each week and receive approximately two to three referrals in return.

Each of our volunteers offer an innate compassion, empathy, humility and understanding that results in the outstanding work they do for the Hospice. Their characteristics and skillset provide their strength as volunteers and individuals.

This Bereavement Support service is a key driving force to enable more families in our community to access support at a time where they may need us most. Our Hospice team understand the sweeping impact of terminal illness and loss. We know that the end of life can have a profound impact on bereaved individuals and families, emphasising the importance and value of the work achieved by this brilliant volunteering team.

Team lunch with St Raphael’s
Bereavement Support Volunteers

From Left to Right:
Melanie Versloot, Steven Molyneux (Clinical Lead & Head of Dept. Psychological Services), Neil Holloway, Jackie Goodwin, Steve Ogden

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