On Saturday 25th September, members of the Ismaili Civic and the Shia Ismaili Muslim Community from South West London came to the Hospice armed with scented rose shrubs, weeding liners, compost, bulbs, tools, bird feeders and 45 lovely volunteers to help make our gardens look even more beautiful.

As part of the Global Ismaili Civic Day, Shia Muslims in 31 countries around the world participate in 239 projects promoting their ethics of civic engagement and care for others by volunteering their time and giving back to the communities in which they live in. Within the UK, voluntary projects are focusing on Environmental Stewardship to protect, clean and sustain the environment around us.

With compassionate values that align with ours, it is a pleasure to work together. We hope staff, patients and visitors will love the work they have done and we are incredibly grateful for their dedication, time and items for our gardens. We look forward to working with the Ismaili community in the future! 

Dr Zaitun with our Joint CEO, Nick

On behalf of Ismaili Civic and the Shia Ismaili Muslim Community, we would like to thank St Raphael's Hospice for giving us the opportunity to demonstrate our community's core values of voluntary service, good citizenship, peace, compassion and care for others.

Saturday 25th September 2021 was the first Global Ismaili Civic Day and our partnership with St Raphael's Hospice enabled us to deliver a project worthy of this initiative. We all thoroughly enjoyed our volunteering experience within the grounds and gardens of the Hospice.

We hope that the families and patients visiting the Hospice as well as the staff will enjoy the work done by our volunteers within the gardens. We look forward to further opportunities to build on this voluntary work with the Hospice. Thank you!

- Dr Zaitun

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