Why Carly is taking on the challenge:

On 18 June 2022, I lost my dad, Nick Moss, after a battle with lung cancer. For those who knew my dad, he was always strong, tall and well built. We had a difficult time with his care in hospitals and with emergency services. Although the hospital staff were attentive, they could not help him properly. He was in pain, fatigued and needed palliative care. We were relieved when Dad was discharged from hospital and went to St Raphael’s Hospice in Cheam.

They were truly amazing with my dad and our family. Every time the Hospice nurses came in to see him, he kept thanking them. When they would leave, he kept telling us how lovely they all were. 

Everyone at St Raphael’s treated my dad with such dignity and respect, as they would their own family, not just a patient. It was finally the specialist care and kindness that he deserved.

In the weeks following my dad’s passing, time became a blur and I never really thanked the Hospice. So, I have decided to say thank you from me and my dad to the staff at St Raphael's and also to help raise money for them to continue the amazing care they provide.

As a small charity, who provide so much more for the community than we realise, I would like to help raise money for them and to help keep this brilliant care available for the 1 in 4 people in our community who will need it. The Hospice has to raise £6m a year in order to continue providing this service for free to the community – so every donation helps!

To help fundraise for St Raphael’s, I have signed up to do the Ultra Walk - 56 km from Richmond to Tulley's Farm in Crawley as part of the London 2 Brighton event which is an exciting but difficult challenge for me.

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