Carol, our Ward Clerk's wonderful acts of kindness have made the pages of Simply Crochet UK!

Not too long ago, we shared a piece on our wonderful Ward Clerk, Carol Thompson, and her generous crocheted gifts for people in the community, our patients and those near and dear to them. We were thrilled when Judy from Simply Crochet Magazine reached out to us to include Carol in their upcoming issue.

"Working at St Raphael's has been a great inspiration for me to show kindness wherever I can. Since the moment I taught myself how to crochet, I have been leaving little crocheted gifts, as a gentle reminder for people to know that they're valued and appreciated."

Carol keeps a special basket of crocheted items at the Hospice for our patients and those close to them.

"I've been moved by people's responses, with many smiles, hugs and tears".

Well done to our Queen of Crochet! You can read the article below:


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