Our Community Team is made up of experienced, expert Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS's), Specialist Palliative Care Doctors, Palliative Care Practitioners, nurses and Health Care Assistant's (HCA's). The team work closely with your GP, District Nurses and other healthcare professionals involved in your care with the aim of managing your symptoms, supporting your independence, helping you to prepare for the future and maximising your quality of life. We provide you with support and advice to enable you to live as independently as possible.

If you have worries about finances and how your illness may affect your income, we are able to offer some advice on benefits and other entitlements to which you may be eligible.

Once you have been referred to and accepted by the Hospice, you will be contacted to arrange an initial assessment, following which the Community Team will discuss with you the options for your care and support.

Our focus is to plan for your future care and understand what is important to you. We will work with other healthcare professionals to provide you with the best and most comprehensive care possible, and will always ask your permission before sharing any information with them.


If you are caring for someone at home, the NHS has produced an information leaflet with some practical advice on how you can care for them as they approach their last days and hours of life.


St Raphael's has also prepared some additional specific guidance for care at home:


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