All decisions about CPR are made on an individual basis. You are entitled to decline CPR even if your doctor recommends it.

If you're a patient on our ward the medical consultant caring for you has ultimate responsibility for the decision on whether CPR should be attempted. If you're at home, the decision will be made by your GP. If your consultant or GP thinks you're in the final stage of life and are likely to die soon, in which case there is no chance of CPR working, they and the team looking after you will make sure a decision not to attempt CPR is made. If you're well enough to have a conversation about this, they'll explain this to you. If not, they'll speak with your family and carers about what’s best for you.

It's often helpful to consider CPR decisions at a time when you're still well. You may want to involve someone close to you in this discussion or you may wish for them to make the decision on your behalf.