The majority of our patients choose to be cared for at home by our Community Services Team rather than within the Hospice premises. We believe in providing care wherever the patient is comfortable or calls home, be that a house, flat, sheltered accommodation, nursing home, hostel or prison.

Hospice at Home is part of our integrated community team and provides support and care to people living on their own in the later stages of their illness.

Having access to a member of the team who is able to support family carers at home can really make a difference, allowing them time to undertake important everyday tasks, such as shopping or banking, while the Hospice at Home team member is present with their relative.

Referral to our Hospice at Home service can be activated through your GP, District Nurse, Hospital Team, Hospice In-patient or Integrated Community Team.

The service operates seven days a week 09.00 – 17.00.

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