Peter's wife, Kathleen, died aged 44 in the Hospice. She was first diagnosed with breast cancer, but following investigation for back pain it was found to have spread to her bones. Following an operation at St George’s the cancer turned out to no longer be curable and she was referred to her local hospice, St Raphael’s. When Kathleen was first diagnosed she came to one of our craft sessions at the Jubilee Therapy Centre, so she already had some experience of our service. 

Staff and Kathleen’s family worked together and on her 44th Birthday, they hosted a birthday party for her in our Orangery café. Her husband Peter invited family, and brought delicious food and treats. Staff helped Kathleen into a wheelchair for a short time, so that she could enjoy this wonderful celebration. 

Kathleen’s wish was to spend her last days at home, so our team managed to send her home for 6 days. Unfortunately, she simply was just too poorly and had to come back to the Hospice. 

The couple have a 10 year old daughter together, whom Peter now looks after fulltime.

"My wife found the Hospice staff very friendly, helpful and accommodating and I'm happy to be able to continue being part of the Hospice. I enjoy playing a bit of guitar and chatting to other like-minded men in the Men’s Den every Thursday. I found the counselling services a great help, enabling me to cope better with my grief".