Rory's bio

In 1969, when I was 21, I formed a duo with friend Pete Lander, who lived in my London digs. I wrote the songs and we played on and off in the London acoustic clubs, particularly Bunjies, as Black Swan and then Forever. Two voices, two guitars.

Four of my songs were signed to Transatlantic Records and there was talk of them possibly being of interest to Judy Collins or Linda Ronstadt but nothing happened. In 1972, remaining friends, we went our separate ways. I thought that was it and stopped writing. I went to the wonderful world of ‘straight’ work and spent my working life as a salesman. Pete went to work on cruise ships navigating the globe as an entertainer. We both got married and had children. Pete and Carol had a son Michael and settled in Thailand. Sadly, in 1995, Pete was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour and died about 3 weeks after returning to the UK, which was a big shock. Meanwhile, I did not string a decent song together for 22 years. I tried occasionally but got nowhere.

In 1994 I saw an old hero of mine, Steve Tilston do a gig with his wife Maggie in Sutton. I went home, got the guitar out and started writing again and haven’t stopped. So far, I have recorded eight albums and have just started remote recording the ninth (challenging), which is already written. I started performing again in 2003. The guitar is my instrument. I write in various styles – folk, jazz, blues, Latin, the odd pop song, always from the heart, some very emotional.

In 2015 I sadly lost my darling wife, Suzy, to a mouth cancer. She was in St Raphael's about four times for treatment and respite from 2013 when she was diagnosed. The Hospice was a marvellous help to us both.

I currently co-run The Men's Den and have done so for just over 2 years now. They are a mix of patients, carers and bereaved - a wonderful group and it is a privilege to know them. If I am asked what it is like I say 'I am with a great bunch of guys; we play pool and darts, drink tea and coffee, eat biscuits and cakes, do quizzes and have wonderful ladies keeping an eye on us (and us on them!). We talk about our lives and can be serious but in the main we laugh (a lot)! What's not to like!'

Latest album

Rory's latest album is available to buy at our onlin eshop with all proceeds going to the Hospice. Once on it, you'll be able to listen to some of his tracks too.

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