We held a rebranding ceremony in October 2018 to reveal our new logo and colour palette. Hospice staff and volunteers were accompanied by Paul Scully MP, Siobhain McDonagh MP, and Rt Hon Tom Brake MP, who did us the privilege of joining us to unveil our new logo and signage.  

In his speech at St Bede’s Conference Centre, Mike Roycroft, CEO of St Raphael’s, explained: “To ensure our long-term future, this new financial year we started a five-year programme of investment in our delivery of excellent services and improving our shops and fundraising capabilities. The introduction of GDPR (new data privacy laws) and a new Fundraising Code of Practice required us to revamp almost all of our hardcopy material and all of our electronic communications. We had also secured a wonderful grant towards the creation of a new website. Turning a necessity into an opportunity, we also reviewed our whole approach to communications and improved the "look and feel" of all our information and resources”.

Our new logo was picked from a wide selection as best conveying the message of the outstanding care we provide to the Hospice patients and their family members, regardless of race, religion or faith. The new combination of purple and grey are inspired by the lavender fields of Surrey. By having a unified style and clearly defined message, we can better communicate our aim of improving quality and consistency. Mike Roycroft explained: “It costs 6 million to run the Hospice each year. We are sure that better communication will enable us to ensure the long-term sustainability of our funding streams, needed for our future, providing vital support for our community”.