January 2023

Hospices care for people at the most vulnerable time in their lives - providing dignity, comfort and compassion for people who are dying. Yet the cost of living crisis is placing hospice services under severe threat - and right now, we need more help from the government than we are getting. 

Hospice UK have just launched a campaign for additional Government support for hospices to pay their energy bills which is in response to the announcement of a lower level of support for hospices under the new Energy Bills Discount Scheme, due to start on 1 April 2023.

Our CEO Nick Stevens and many other hospice CEOs have been emailing their local MP directly, to make them aware of the impact the energy bills crisis is having on their hospice and to ask them to support this campaign.

Now, we are encouraging you and all of the people of Merton and Sutton to support the campaign by asking our local MP to help make sure this urgent problem is addressed. 

Hospice UK have made a simple form for you to complete with more information on why we need your help:

Contact your MP now

More than 1000 people have written to their MP nationally and with your help, we can get even further.  

Thank you.