With a new year ahead, our Hospice has launched a vibrant volunteer recruitment campaign in the hope of growing our Retail Volunteer Team. The campaign offers the opportunity for us to reconnect with our diverse and supportive community and encourage new volunteers to help in our 11 charity stores across Merton and Sutton.

The recruitment campaign centres around colourful sticky notes, which serve as personal reminders of the inspirational and fun things to include this 2023 and the benefits of volunteering in your local St Raphael’s store!

Volunteering can be beneficial to individuals in countless ways and if you are able to spare some of your time for your local hospice, you will:

Be a part of a fun and friendly team

Our shops are fun-filled spaces for our volunteers to enjoy themselves while working within a great team! Laughter is often the soundtrack that you’ll hear in our stores.

Meet new people

Volunteering in our shops is a great way to reconnect with your local community, meet wonderful people and create new friendships.

Expand your skills

Charity retail volunteering can be a brilliant way to learn new skills in a comfortable environment. It’s also a great place to develop the skillset you already possess and share your natural talents.

Boost your confidence

Volunteering helps to build and boost confidence through the time spent in our stores, with the opportunity to find your feet in your own time. Chatting with fellow volunteers and new friendly faces often helps to build inner confidence and smiles all-round!

Feel rewarded and re-energised

Our volunteers are able to stay active both mentally and physically through their retail volunteering roles. Not only is volunteering such a rewarding role but it is re-energising too, all at a pace that works for you.

Give something back

As a volunteer in our stores, you will do your bit for our planet and give back to your community, helping us to continue providing expert care and support to 1 in 4 people in Merton and Sutton, and their loved ones.

Lorraine Hunt, Retail Volunteer Lead at St Raphael’s, shares:“St Raphael’s charity shops are a significant contributor to the services and running costs of the Hospice and our volunteers are incredibly valuable in helping to ensure that our retail spaces run smoothly. We have an ongoing urgent need for volunteers in our shops and our Donation Centre and we hope that this campaign will help encourage the support of our wonderful community.”

Lorraine adds: “People don’t have to commit huge amounts of time – whatever they can spare can truly make a big difference. To thank our team of volunteers we offer lunches and refreshments, a volunteer discount, and reimburse out of pocket travel and parking expenses. Our volunteers are also provided with a unique t-shirt and / or hoodie, which they can wear proudly as a valued part of our team.”

There are many different types of retail volunteering roles available and if you’re interested in joining our team of volunteers, please apply now.

Become a Retail Volunteer