This week sees the launch of a new campaign to grow our Lottery and generate vital funds to continue supporting the people of Merton and Sutton with free specialist care.

Charity lotteries have been transformational for many charities, contributing to the care of many communities in need of support. To further connect with the local community, the boroughs of Merton and Sutton will soon spot the BriteVox team, dressed in red lottery-branded shirts, representing the Hospice. The greater the community support, the greater hope the charity has of being sustainable long into the future to support more patients and families for years to come.

Sara Jane Wood, Commercial Director at St Raphael’s, said: “It is both an exciting and significant time for our charity’s growth to be partnering with BriteVox, helping our Lottery platform reach even greater success. The Lottery component of our Hospice’s fundraising efforts is indispensable to our charity.”

She adds: “It costs our Hospice a staggering £6.5m each year to run and, with only 25% of our funding from the NHS, we rely on the generous support of our community to continue providing specialist care and support free of charge. By supporting our charity and becoming a player of our lottery each week, our players and patients win.”

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