Trevor was a member of the congregation at St Michael’s Church which he attended for more than 12 years.

Despite being an active member of the church, he didn’t consider himself to be a religious man. Trevor first visited St Michael’s on the suggestion of a friend. Little did he know that he would enjoy himself so much or that he would still be attending over a decade later! He found kinship within the community, particularly through his friendship with the then-Minister of the church.

Even though he had been attending the church for such a long time, he had never talked to anyone about the possibility of being baptised. Trevor had long felt reservations about doing so as he wasn’t a Catholic. Getting baptised was something that he had been thinking of for a while but after he was admitted to the Hospice he began feeling that this was an opportunity which had passed him by.

One day Sister Ann was talking to him about his faith and whether there was anything St Raphael’s could do to make him feel more comfortable. He opened up to her about his wish to be baptised and explained that he had been too nervous to talk to anyone else about it. Sister Ann assured him that he had not left it too late and that the Hospice could arrange a baptism ceremony for him.

Father Luke baptised Trevor in The Chapel in November 2019. It was the first baptism to take place in The Chapel, and it was a very personal and intimate service. He chose to add the name ‘Luke’ as an addendum to his middle name in order to symbolise the affirmation he had for his faith. Trevor sadly passed away 2 weeks later and appropriately Father Luke led his memorial service in St Michael’s Church.

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