St Raphael’s Hospice aspires to deliver excellent care at all times. As a part of achieving this aim we are proud to be actively involved in healthcare research, believing this is essential in establishing an evidence base for all healthcare professionals.

We are involved with recruiting into two multi-site healthcare projects:

CHELsea II (Clinically Assisted Hydration in Patients in the Last Days of Life)

CHELsea II is a study being conducted currently in 80 different sites (both hospices and hospitals) across the UK. It aims to recruit 1600 patients over a 2-year period, to study the potential benefits and risks of providing clinically assisted hydration (using a saline drip) during the last days of life. There is currently insufficient evidence available on this important topic and it is hoped that once all the data is gathered and analysed, healthcare staff would be better able to advise patients and those important to them. The study is being funded by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR).

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POST (Palliative care and Oncology Survey on Terminology)

The study will involve a one-off survey in which patients living with cancer are asked for their opinion, and acceptability, of terminology used to describe them eg patient, client, service user, cancer survivor. There are seven sites taking part in the UK, of which St Raphael’s is one. This is to be an international study with patients recruited from sites in USA, Canada and Australia. The aim is to recruit 776 patients from across the UK sites and a similar number from each of the other countries involved.


Any patients or carers who are eligible for inclusion in a study will be approached and asked if they would be interested in taking part. Any participation in research is entirely voluntary.

If someone is interested in participating, more information about the study, a full explanation of the study aims and what is involved will be provided with the opportunity to think about it and ask any questions. Formal consent to participate in a study would be obtained prior to any research activity taking place.

There is no obligation to participate in any research activity and choosing not to do so would not affect the care provided by the Hospice in any way. In addition, it is possible for the participants to change their mind at any stage, even once they have commenced a study, and they do not have to provide any reason for doing so.

St Raphael’s Hospice partners with the Cancer Research Network locally

Any research undertaken at the Hospice will be conducted in line with national and international guidance, conforming to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR, 2018); governed in accordance with the International Conference on Harmonisation guidance on Good Clinical Practice and subject to obtaining ethical approval from a recognised Research Ethics Committee.

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