My brother Steve Johnson died on 24th July 2018 from Cancer at the age of 60. He spent his final 6 days at St Raphael’s Hospice. I knew hospice was going to be his final destination, so back in February 2018, it was decided to run a Zumbathon in aid of St Raphael’s. Many local people donated prizes for the raffle and lots of people took part in this 3 hour event of dance and fun. We raised nearly £5,000.

People can underestimate the importance of fundraising for palliative care as for many the focus is on fundraising for a cure. Not everyone is lucky enough to be cured. We knew Steve’s Cancer was terminal, so our goal was clear - to raise funds and awareness for this amazing charity, St Raphael’s Hospice.

Six days before Steve died he was admitted. I visited him on the 2nd day, filled with dread and holding back the tears. There he was, sat on a chair outside in the sunshine in the courtyard setting that can only be described as an exotic Mediterranean sanctuary. He looked tiny, yet peaceful, he could walk and talk then and even crack a joke or two.

He said the staff were wonderful and that nothing was too much trouble for them. He said he felt calm and peaceful for the first time in a long time. He knew and I knew he wouldn’t be there long. He told me "If I won the Lottery, I’d give them a ‘shed load ".

Four days later when I visited him again, he was in bed, not eating or drinking. He squeezed my hand and he knew I was there. Everybody that mattered had been to see him. At 7am the next morning he was gone…

He wasn’t scared, he didn’t cry, he cracked jokes, he fell asleep. Steve took his illness like a man and in my eyes died a hero and I’m 100% sure his final 6 days he was most at peace.

I can’t thank St Raphael’s staff enough. You are all very special people.