We sadly lost my amazing husband Kevin (Cosey) to cancer on 4th May 2018 after a six year journey with Multiple Myeloma. Neither of us believed that the end would ever come. Not because he was going to get cured, as his cancer wasn’t and isn’t curable, but because Kevin was the most positive human being I have ever met and because if anyone was going to be the first person cured – it would be him.

Coming to terms with the words “there’s nothing more we can do” is horrendous. Cosey spent his last days in St Raphael’s Hospice and I can’t describe the overwhelming feeling of being safe, looked after, and feeling that my husband was the centre of attention. In the months after Cosey died, I like everyone else, struggled (and I still am) but I came to the conclusion that I needed to do something to help the Hospice.

Two years ago Cosey had “volunteered” me for a skydive. It seemed the natural choice to revisit hurtling through the sky at an alarming speed, whilst my cheeks flapped wildly under the gravitational force. I wasn’t sure if anyone else would be mad enough to join me, but I posted it on my social media anyway. Surely one or two of my family and friends might be mad enough? As it turns out, I know a lot of mad people – twenty two to be exact.

My hope at the start was to get enough sponsorship to cover the time that Cosey had been in the Hospice – 2days. The Cosey’s Memorial Skydive Team and all the lovely people sponsoring us has enabled us to raise over £15,000 (including Gift Aid) – this covers over 10 days of 24/7 specialist nursing care as an In-Patient.

Revisit her magical day below: