The Community Palliative Care Team (CPCT) have been so caring to my family and helped us during the last difficult years of my father's illness. When he was finally admitted it felt like a huge burden had been lifted, we knew my dad would get the attention he needed. He passed in February of last year and even though I did not openly grieve him, I miss him a lot.

Walking was one of my Dad’s favourite activities. Come rain or shine, he would always find a way to fit in his two daily walks. A few years ago I bought him a hiking stick, not that he needed it, more "piece of mind" in case he came across any unstable pavements.

When the opportunity came along to take part in the Sahara Desert Trek, it seemed to be a perfect fit and I took his walking stick with me, not that I used it. It just remained attached to my rucksack, as a reminder that he is with me always - my point of stability. The weather was merciful to us for most of the time. However, on the last day the desert showed us what it could really do throwing up a sandstorm. Nevertheless, we were well prepared and our spirits were high till the very end. It was an amazing experience and I would love to do it again!