After St Raphael’s Hospice cared for her husband, Ann felt a strong need to contribute to her community and give back where she could. She saw St Raphael’s “Help Us Open” volunteer campaign during the pandemic and felt it was an important time to help.

Between March 2019 and September 2021, Ann volunteered 519 hours of her time for St Raphael’s and continues to build on those hours today. She takes great pride in working for the Hospice and relishes working alongside the new friends she has made.

Her days of volunteering are filled with good laughs shared with fellow volunteers. She has become an avid treasure-seeker while organising store donations and enjoys helping community shoppers find much-loved pieces in St Raphael’s stores. 

“I have volunteered over 500 hours of my time and I enjoy it more and more!

I have a huge sense of pride as a volunteer. It’s about giving back where we can. With the challenges faced through the pandemic, I felt it was an important time to start.

St Raphael’s Hospice cared for my husband, along with so many others in our community, and now I get to give back while enjoying my time as a team member.”

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