Are you a regular walker and new to endurance events? Perhaps a seasoned trekker looking for testing adventures? Or even a marathon runner wanting to 'up' your distance? Whether it's along magnificent coastal scenery, or in stunning open countryside, there’s an Ultra Challenge for you.

Walk, Jog or Run at YOUR pace on the Ultra Challenge Series event of your choice. Join St Raphael's Hospice in 2024 for an unforgettable challenge. It will be rewarding, fun, and absolutely achievable with your resolve and determination alongside first class support.

Most of the events offer 3 fundraising options:

Charity Sponsorship

You pay a small registration fee, do lots of fundraising and we cover the cost of your event place!

Mixed Funding

You pay half of the event place cost yourself, fundraise a bit less and we pay the balance of the event place cost.


You pay the full cost of the event place, fundraise your preferred amount with no set target or deadline, and there’s no cost at all to the charity!

The cost of registration, place and fundraising targets are dependent on the event and distance you choose. 


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Ultra Series 2024

Read why Carly decided to take on an 
Ultra Challenge for the Hospice here.

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