Primary Care Practitioners play a vital role in helping set patient's expectations of modern hospice care. A referral to a hospice may feel scary for patients, so it’s important to help them understand that a ‘hospice’ is not just a building but a very special way of caring.

The care we deliver for patients is always centred around their individual needs. This is delivered by working in partnership with GPs, Community Nursing Teams, District Nurses, local Pharmacists to name a few. GPs remain in charge of the patient’s care whilst they are in the community. 

We welcome referrals for patients at all stages of their illness, including early stages, so that we can support them, their families and their friends for as long as possible.

Make a referral

Checking questions:

  • Has the patient consented to the referral?
  • Are the patient and their registered GP both based in Sutton or Merton?
  • Does the patient have a level of need that requires additional support to pre-existing primary or secondary care?
  • Reasons for referral must be based on the needs of the patient and their families/friends rather than the diagnosis

Examples of reasons for referral are:

  • Prognosis 1 year
  • Difficult pain and symptom control 
  • Patients and family having difficulty in coping with the progressive illness and its consequences
  • Complex spiritual issues due to the impact of the illness on spirituality

What to do next:

       Sutton CCG -  [email protected]

       Merton CCG - [email protected]

  • Update the patients Coordinate My Care (CMC) Record with ceiling of care and DNAR status
  • Coordinate referrals for additional support where necessary e.g. social care packages/district nursing services

Please note: If the referral is urgent (patient needs to be seen within 2 days), then please contact us on 0208 099 7777.