“You can give as much or as little time as you can and you’ll be welcomed into such a warm community of volunteers. As soon as you start, you can see the positive impact that volunteers make to the charity.”

Bruce has been a Retail Volunteer Driver for nearly two years. 

Like many volunteers, my volunteering journey started by wanting to give back and do something positive in the community. I walked past one of St Raphael’s charity shops and saw a volunteer poster in the window. I got in touch that day and it was a quick and easy process to sign up. It’s been almost two years since I started volunteering and it has brought great joy and fulfilment to my life. 

I didn’t have a personal connection to the Hospice when I first signed, though I realise now that hospices are meaningful to everyone. They are there for us when we really need them most. The more I learnt about St Raphael’s, the more I knew it was the right place to spend my time.

I volunteer as a driver for the retail team in the mornings, twice a week. Although it’s not a lot of time, these hours are guaranteed to be filled with good laughs, great people and lots of tea and biscuits! Us retail drivers are the backbone of the charity shops in terms of support. We collect and drop off much-need donations across the 12 stores including the central Donation Centre. No matter which shop we visit, every single staff member and volunteer is wonderful and welcoming.

After working in corporate firms for decades, it’s a breath of fresh air to volunteer in great company for a worthy cause. It’s so gratifying. Everyone supports each other with genuine kindness. There’s no ego, everyone is accommodating to learn and teach and it’s a wonderful team. No matter your skills, background or experience, you will start adding value the moment you step in.

Bruce’s advice: I would encourage anyone and everyone to volunteer for this special charity, no matter how much or little time you have to spare. It’s such a great feeling to help give back and it has brought a lot of joy to my everyday life

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