Patrick Steel, Landscape Photographer

Following in his father Arthur Steel's footsteps with an ingrained passion for photography, Patrick gained experience at London's largest photographic studio; Holborn Studios, then based in Clerkenwell. He also worked as a freelance assistant for eight years, travelling extensively around the globe on assignments working with some of the world’s top photographers.

During this time, Patrick mainly assisted portrait photographers such as Terry O'Neill, David Steen and Brian Aris and was lucky enough to have personally met Her Majesty The Queen, Michael Jackson, David Bowie and Elizabeth Taylor, to name a few. 

Photographing landscapes locally became an essential pastime for Patrick and to his delight, friends began asking if they could acquire prints of his photographs to hang within their homes and that's how his local landscapes evolved. Patrick also manages two photographic archives, supplying prints to collectors around the world.

Sara Jane Woods, Director of Income Generation

Sara Jane, the Director of Income Generation at St Raphael’s, has actively worked in the charity sector for most of her life. Her passion for the Hospice movement is what moves her, for every person to have the right to die well and with the best care possible.

Her love for animals is lifelong, having grown up on a farm around a huge variety of critters and creatures, including ferrets, horses and a royal python which she rescued herself!

Sara Jane and her family live within the South Downs National Park with their two cats and beautiful dog. It is here where she continues special acquaintances with animals of all kinds – often rescuing birds, baby rabbits and hedgehogs along the way.

David Bradbury, carer and Wellbeing Centre guest

David is the primary carer for his parents and a regular guest of the Wellbeing Centre at St Raphael’s. David joins our Living Well Programme each week and is known for having his wonderful dog, Monty, by his side.

Monty brings extensive comfort to fellow guests at the Wellbeing Centre, so much so that he is currently in the process of registering as a 'PET' (Pets as Therapy) dog.

David has always enjoyed nature and photography while understanding the very real benefits our pets give us - which extends beyond their love and companionship. Him and Monty are the perfect duo to complete our panel of judges for this year’s “Life is Better with Pets” Photo Competition.

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