“Money couldn’t buy the peace of mind St Raphael’s gave us”

I have proudly worked as a nurse at St Raphael’s Hospice for 10 years, supporting people facing the end of their lives in Merton and Sutton. Helping people at this time can be challenging but most importantly, it's a privilege.

I have witnessed the Hospice’s incredible care for a loved one, after my step-father unexpectedly became a patient on the ward. I had only been working at St Raphael’s for two weeks when it happened. The experience truly highlighted for me the positive impact of palliative nursing care. 

Money couldn’t buy the peace of mind St Raphael’s gave us. My step-dad wasn’t lost within a hospital ward. Instead, he was seen and known, as an individual, from the start. He was, for the first time, given control to face the end of his life, with the freedom to make decisions about his care in his final days.


Nurses at St Raphael’s focus on living. Our aim is to support everyone to live their life as they wish, making the most of every precious moment, right until the end. We treat the person, not just the illness.

In my experience, the absolute importance of a good death can’t be fully understood until it happens  to you, or your loved one. Working for a hospice that treats every patient like their own family, is everything.


By sponsoring a St Raphael’s nurse today, you will help me and my fellow nurses make sure that more people live the fullest life they can, until the end. Even a small monthly gift today will help us to make a positive impact for people in your local community for months or years to come.

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